Supplemental / Voluntary Benefits

Accident Indemnity Plans

Nobody plans to be in an accident, but when it happens, medical bills can start adding up fast. Help your employees be prepared: Accident Indemnity insurance plans pay cash benefits to help provide peace of mind during the different stages of care and recovery.

Group Accident

The plan pays benefits that can be used on medical expenses that major medical was never intended to cover, or on everyday bills.

Critical Care and Recovery

People who survive a critical illness, such as a heart attack or a stroke, face a lengthy and expensive recovery. Critical Care and Recovery insurance pay the insured cash benefits that can help with ongoing expenses during recovery.

Group Critical Illness

Group Critical Illness helps employees recuperate without worry over financial setbacks that can cause stress and delay recovery time

Hospital Advantage

With a new health care landscape, comes new hospital confinement indemnity insurance policies. Health care costs are on the rise for both employers and consumers. Coverage provides cash benefits that can be used to help with those out-of-pocket hospital expenses that may not be fully covered by major medical insurance.

Group Supplemental Hospital Indemnity

Major medical coverage may not cover all hospitalization costs. Supplemental hospital indemnity insurance provides benefits that enhance existing coverage and allow employees to be prepared to cover expenses associated with hospital stay and medical treatment.

Cancer Care

Cancer is a serious disease that, unfortunately, many people can relate to. It’s a difficult topic to discuss, as most associate it with mortality. Today, the chances of surviving a diagnosis of cancer are better than ever.