New York Partnership For Long Term Care

How is the Partnership a win-win situation?

The Partnership helps New Yorkers pay for their long-term care without having to “spend down” their assets, as they would have to do if they relied totally on Medicaid to pay for their long term care. By allowing New Yorkers to keep what they have worked hard to acquire, and reducing Medicaid costs for the state, the Partnership provides a win-win scenario for everyone.

Who should consider a Partnership policy?

Give yourself and your family peace of mind. As long-term care costs increase, quality long term care insurance is a sensible way to protect your financial and personal independence. The Partnership program will provide Medicaid Extended Coverage benefits once the private insurance benefits have been exhausted. Your income will be used for your care, but your assets are protected, and you have established an option for New Yorkers who want to stay in lifetime care.