Our agency offers several different plan options and prescription drug programs to meet your specific needs. Please contact us so we can help you navigate the complexities of Medicare.

What are the parts of Medicare?

Part A (Hospital Insurance)

Helps cover:

Part B (Medical Insurance)

Helps cover:

Part D (Drug coverage)

Helps cover the cost of prescription drugs (including many recommended shots or vaccines).

Plans that offer Medicare drug coverage are run by private insurance companies that follow rules set by Medicare.

Your Medicare options

When you first enroll in Medicare and during certain times of the year, you can choose how you get your Medicare coverage. There are 2 main ways to get Medicare:

Original Medicare

Medicare Advantage (also known as Part C)

This includes Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap). Or, you can use coverage from a former employer or union, or Medicaid.

If you already have Medicare:

October 1, 2020
Start comparing your current coverage with other options. You may be able to save money or get extra benefits. Visit
October 15 to December 7, 2020
Change your Medicare health or drug coverage for 2021, if you decide to. This includes changing to Original Medicare, or joining or changing a Medicare Advantage Plan.
January 1, 2021
New coverage begins if you made a change. If you kept your existing coverage and your plan’s costs or benefits changed, those changes also start on this date.
January 1 to March 31, 2021

If you’re in a Medicare Advantage Plan, you can change to a different Medicare Advantage Plan or switch to Original Medicare (and join a separate Medicare drug plan) once during this time. Any changes you make will be effective the first of the month after the plan gets your request. See page 59.