General Information

We are here to help you achieve your long-term goals. Allow us to lift the burden of managing and administering employee benefit plans that are up to date and compliant. An efficient and effective strategy that delivers results is what we are experts on. Optimize savings and costs by having a detailed and flexible benefits program aiming to meet your employee’s needs. A strategic approach that will help you balance the rising cost without compromising the rewards that your hard-working employee truly deserves.
Employees are the backbone of every company. Accordingly, making the health of your employees a priority is a fundamental undertaking every company should zero in on. Healthy employees perform 1.5x better, providing better analytical skills and more accuracy in their work. Watch your business flourish by going hand-in-hand with your workforce.

I. Five Actions Employers Can Implement To Best Support Employee Mental Health

Promoting a supportive environment to the employee’s mental health can ultimately help the company. According to the University of Warwick, addressing mental welfare at work increases productivity by up to 12% – clear evidence that the mental wellbeing of employees is a priority.

II. How Employers can Align as Allies for the Racial Equity of their Employees

Creating a diversified and safe workplace environment allows a culture of success and teamwork in the company.

III. Employee Financial Stress: The Invisible Drain on Workplace Productivity and Your Bottom Line

Empower your employees in handling finances by taking charge in informing them of the benefits of financial literacy.

What We Offer

Employee Retirement Plans

A sophisticated employee retirement plan helps employees understand what lies ahead of them through detailed strategies of investments and savings that will help sustain their future by the time they retire. We are with you in navigating the future through a carefully designed retirement plan that will help you achieve your long-term goals.

Compliance consulting

As the company’s duty to its community and employees, it is incredibly important that the company abides by external and internal rules and regulations. Doing so helps the company achieve consistency and maintain a respectable image and unforced errors.

Cost Management

Employee engagement can only be met by attending to your employee’s needs. However, attending to their needs entails costs to the company. Allow the cost of their needs to work for you by utilizing healthcare cost management strategies, optimizing benefits, and ensuring employees have the tools and resources they need.

Benefits Communication

Providing a clear walk-through of the benefit plan and how it will work in the best interest of every employee can help bridge any gap and will form a very engaging environment in the workplace.

HR Technology Solutions

Creating an avenue that provides an on-time solution to your employee’s needs can be quite a challenge. We will help you build an infrastructure that can cater to the needs of your employees efficiently and effectively.

Voluntary Benefits

The supplemental benefit protects you and helps you with unexpected out-of-pocket costs. This is a key to financial security that will surely forge a strong social contract in the workplace.

I. Five Actions Employers Can Implement To Best Support Employee Mental Health

EKA Brokerage Services offers various insurance options that can enhance your company’s benefit plan and offer employees a broader range of coverage options. Please contact EKA Planning at (516) 944-0200 to discuss options that may be available to you.


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