EKA Planning Services Literature Samples

With topics ranging from health care reform to health savings accounts to health and wellness, EKA Planning Services has the resources that help you to stay on top of benefits trends, help your employees to stay well and your organization to run more efficiently. This benefits resource library provides an overview of our content offerings with sample titles organized by topic.
With constant changes and regularly released guidance, it is often difficult to stay up to date on health care reform. We provide timely newsletters, articles, and briefs to help you and your employees stay on top of the most recent legislation.

Employer Education

Health Care Reform Calculators

Use these sophisticated calculators, which can help guide your decisions by modeling the estimated impact of health care reform on your business.

Employee Communications

Your employees need health care reform communications that are easy to understand. Provide that with these articles, payroll stuffers and posters.

Notices and Disclosures

Never go searching for a model notice again. We have dozens of government-issued model notices and disclosures all in one place.


Use these comprehensive presentations for education on healthcare reform legislation.

Benchmark Surveys & Statistics

Stay on top of the latest benefits trends and see how your benefits program compares to those of employers from around the country by using the results of numerous benchmarking surveys.

Plan Design

With information on dozens of sample plan designs and timely benchmarking data, we will help you find the plan that is right for your employees and your organization’s bottom line.

Plan Design Strategies

Want to know more about a different plan design? Uncover the details about a benefit plan with one of the many Plan Designs articles we provide.


Between changing legislation and health care reform, staying compliant has never been more difficult. Not anymore—we deliver all the legislative information you need. This information is released in a timely manner and reviewed by a team of lawyers to keep you updated and compliant.

Federal Legislation & Compliance

Stay up to date with access to valuable information on the ADA, COBRA, CHIPRA, FMLA, HIPAA (including privacy), GINA, Medicare Part D, Mental Health Parity, Section 125 and other federal regulations and employment laws.

State-Specific Legislation & Compliance

Keep track of regional legislative changes with valuable state-specific information related to COBRA, FMLA, disability insurance laws, state mandates, cell phone use while driving, domestic partner laws and rest/meal periods.

Human Resources

If your organization is like many, your HR department is overworked and understaffed. We have the tools to help you stay up to date on HR trends, employment practices and social media strategies.

Enrollment Tools

EKA Planning Services can deliver the resources you need to effectively communicate with your employees about benefit enrollment.

HR Tools

EKA Planning Services has the resources you need to make sure that your HR department is running at peak efficiency.

Educational Material

We provide HR professionals with the resources they need to succeed.

Workplace Wellness

Your workplace wellness program should certainly affect your employees on the job, but it should also impact their lives away from work. By promoting a healthy lifestyle, you can not only improve your employees’ quality of life, but also protect your workers and your business from unnecessary expenses. We have hundreds of health and wellness documents on a wide range of topics, including:

Employee Health & Wellness

We have over 600 employee communications designed to promote health and wellness both in the workplace and in your employees’ everyday lives.

Employee Consumerism Education

Teach your employees to be wise consumers of healthcare with dozens of educational articles and presentations that discuss topics ranging from health savings accounts to health care terminology.

Benefits Communication

Get the most out of your benefits program by staying informed and keeping your employees educated. We provide customized benefits communications for both you and your employees on a variety of topics including benefit education, consumer driven health plans and saving for retirement.

Benefits Insights

The Benefits Insights series serves as a reliable resource for all types of benefits-related topics and issues and provides you with answers when you have questions.